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BJS-180BT Blackmore 18in Active PA Speaker

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The BJS-180BT is an amplified, portable loudspeaker with built-in audio playback function and PA capabilities. This unit has USB, SD/MMC, Analog RCA Audio, triple ¼” Microphone and triple XLR inputs as well as Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. It can function as a music player or a PA system with no extra components or accessories required. Sound is reproduced via its 18” Subwoofer driver and Titanium domed tweeter matched to the pre-molded horn of the cabinet. The unit is constructed from durable and strong, molded ABS plastic with steel mesh grills for the drivers, built-in caster wheels and a speaker pole slot for integration with mounting hardware and trusses.


Audio playback and PA capabilities
Wireless Remote
Weight: 64 pounds
Dimensions: 20 “ X 20” X 33 ½”
Power Supply AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz




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