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Childrens Electronic Keyboard 16 in

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25 Keys

Record + Playback Feature

Rhythms (Slow Rock, Rock, New New, Disco, March, Waltz, Samba, Blues, Cha- Cha, Rumba, Swing, Tango)

Instruments (Piano, Organ, Violin, Trumpet, Mandolin, Bell, Music Box, Guitar, Sax, Oboe, Bass, Harp)

Percussion (Base, Snare, Closed cymbal)

Zany Animal Sound Effects (Bird, Dog, Duck, Frog)

Pre-recorded Songs (Joy to the World, Rondo Al Turka, Unterlanders Heimweh, Opera March, Happy Birthday, Feece, The Old Folks at Home, London Dl. Ditty Minor)

Package Contents: Electronic Keyboard