ZP1316 Planet Z 3 Cymbal Pack (13/16)

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Zildjian Planet Z cymbals carry on the tradition of innovative metallurgy that exists within all levels of Zildjian cymbals. The exclusive alloy used to make Planet Z cymbals is a proprietary blend that gives cymbals focus, brilliance, and musicality. The 16" Planet Z crash responds with a pronounced punch that's great for accents to downbeats. The 13" Planet Z hi-hats exhibit a clean, crisp attack that won't get lost in a mix.


  • Bright, brilliant tone
  • Controlled, focused sound
  • Crafted in the USA from an exclusive Zildjian alloy
  • 13" hi-hats exhibit crisp tonality and great definition
  • 16" crash punches through a mix with a full, explosive attack